With Sellidea.host, you’ll gain access to a very easy to use site creation tool. It’s truly uncomplicated and it has an interface that is going to be instantaneously recognizable to anyone who has ever dealt with an admin interface. The site creation tool boasts quite a lot of eye–catchy site templates which you can customize with just a click of the mouse and develop a site to your taste. And best of all, each site theme is responsive, so your new site will be perfect on tablets and phones straight away.

The site creation tool is an integral part of the Sellidea.host Online Control Panel, present with all Linux shared hosting, Linux VPS servers, Linux semi-dedicated plans, and dedicated web hosting plans plans.

A simple to use site creation tool

No technical background is needed

The most important feature of the Sellidea.host’s site creation tool is that it’s truly easy to use and master. It works with layout components which you can add, personalize and re–arrange the way you like. In any moment, you are able to add images and videos, start a blog, or install a forum on your site, all with just a click.

You can do all that and set up a good–looking site without having to type even one line of HTML, CSS or PHP, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A set of simple–to–customize templates

Amazing themes that look perfect across tablets and phones

With the site creation tool, you’ll have access to an assortment of no–cost templates for all kinds of sites like individual pages, ecommerce stores, community boards, to name a few.

Each theme can be found in a variety of layout schemes and supports lots of color setups. Additionally, you will gain access to a decent collection of pre–made photos and will have the opportunity to cherry–pick from over 100 different fonts for your site. Each template is developed to work across all devices. In case you want to substitute a selected template, you can do that with just a click. All of the pages and tweaks you have made will remain intact.

A set of simple–to–customize templates

In–built knowledge base and step–by–step videos

Find out how smooth it really is to jumpstart a web presence

In case you want any kind of help working with the Sellidea.host’s site creation tool, there are numerous step–by–step articles and videos that are influenced by the most commonly asked questions.

Using them, you’ll be able to learn exactly how to customize your existing template, how to add new web pages to a site or even how to embed an image gallery.

In case you can’t discover the information you need in there, you can communicate with us. We are available 24/7 and we attend to all tickets in less than an hour, guaranteed.

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